Using Massage Therapy as a Tool to Increase Your Body Awareness

Body awareness is the ability to recognize different parts of one’s own body, and their relative positions. It is needed for smooth, coordinated body movement, and must be well-developed in those aspiring to be top-class dancers or just for people who want to play a nice round of golf.

It is dependent on being able to integrate information coming from your sensory organs (i.e. eyes and ears). Exercise programs like the Feldenkrais Method or yoga poses, are excellent activities to develop full body awareness.

When you’re in chronic pain, you’re more apt to react to stressful circumstances; further accentuating any discomfort, hardening of your tissues and activating trigger points in your neck and shoulders.

When your individual muscle fibers start sticking together from lack of fresh blood lubrication; toxins (e.g. lactic acid, lymph, even undigested food) can get stuck in your muscles.

When toxins invade your contracted tissues, it heightens any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

Stuck tissue also rejects nutrient absorption; making you feel increasingly tired, less creative or inspired and more reactive to stressful situations.

Part of going to any effective massage therapist here in Walnut Creek is using your time on the table as a tool to help you better understand how you react to chronic stress and tension.

When you can experience and acknowledge where you hold stress and tension the most, especially in the neck and shoulders, you’ll be more able to catch yourself exhibiting the physical traits of Defensive Posturing.

Having this kind of awareness can help you prevent reactivating trigger points or falling back into the habits that created rigidity in your muscles and tissues in the first place.

After I’ve helped facilitate release in the myofascial trigger points and muscle tissue creating pain, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the freedom you feel.

Imagine the impact that better range of motion, detoxification, enhanced circulation and blood flow, and decreased pain or discomfort will have on your life… an amazing thought, isn’t it?

When your neck and shoulders freely move, absorb fresh blood and even give you a powerful indication about how much you’re reacting to stress, you’ll never allow yourself to fall back into pain!

Alleviating restriction in your muscle tissue can positively impact your life well beyond getting up off my table.

Are you ready to experience liberation from that nagging neck and shoulder pain and get a whole new perspective of your own Body Awareness? Click here to contact me!

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