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What I Do

I provide massage services in Walnut Creek for a wide variety of aliments.

I can help you recover from injuries, chronic pain and even frequent headaches.

No matter the cause of your pain: poor posture, stress, or a sports injury, massage therapy can definitely help.

Myoskeletal Alignment

Myoskeletal alignment technique (MAT) is a style of bodywork that I use. It combines the concepts of osteopathy and structural integration.

It helps to alleviate chronic pain, and to decrease the possibility of pain that could become chronic over time.

I usually blend this method into regular bodywork sessions, and it can also be used alone to treat systemic problems, like frozen shoulder and runner's knee.

Myoskeletal Alignment addresses fundamental issues in your body, with the hope to getting rid of your pain.

Within a MAT session, I use other traditional massage and orthopedic techniques like:

  • Muscle Energy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Positional Release
  • Hot Stone Therapy

All of these techniques I incorporate into your massage session to produce the results that we are aiming for.

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Single Sessions: $85/hour


3 Sessions: $195

5 Sessions: $310

10 Sessions: $540

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