Always Moving Forward: How the Body Compensates for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain may show up as a grimace, a cane, a bottle of ibruprofen or even a short temper.

No matter what the exterior landscape shows, the interior landscape of the chronic pain sufferer is barren of self coinfidence, enthusiasm, relationships, personality, identity, and ultimately the tiniest shred of joy.

When pain causes one part of the body to tighten, other aspects of your physical structure become affected and/or get overworked as a result. . . manifesting more chronic myofascial pain elsewhere.

You have to be aware of the fact that no matter what's going on inyour life, your body is doing the very best it can to keep moving forward.

If you're accustomed to repetitive Defensive Posturing (whether you're aware of it or not) or chronic neck and shoulder pain, you're very likely holding your body in a non-optimal way.

It's totally normal to have a problem that you don't even really know exists (or pay little attention to) and compensate for it in ways that affect your whole body.

You’ve got to get by, right? A lot of neck and shoulder pain originates in ways you would never even think about… that is unless you had a very acute Body Awareness and anatomy education.

For instance, your psoas muscle connects on your lumbar spine. When it shortens up from overuse or injury, it can exaggerate the lumbar curvature and take vital space away from the whole spine. This can and will put a tremendous amount of stress on your upper body, aiding in the creation of tension headaches and even harm your good posture. This is just one example out of infinite possibilities.

When I work on people who are suffering from upper back, neck, shoulder and/or tension headache pain, I address both the local and referring points of causation for pain. This provides you with the longest form of relief and Body Awareness!

By the way, compensation from pain goes even further than just muscles, joints and tissue. When you’re in pain, you tend to do whatever it takes to get by. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that you:

  • Crave coffee?
  • Don’t exercise enough?
  • Take too many pain meds?
  • Have erratic sleeping patterns?
  • Eat comfort foods?
  • Have a short fuse around loved ones?
  • Struggle with maintaining passion at work?

Chronic pain takes a ton of energy inside of the body. When you’re pain, you’re wasting your vital energy on distractions that I guarantee you would prefer be used on aspects in your life you cherish and enjoy!

Let me help you get back on a healthy, fulfilling path and away from feeling at the whim of neck and shoulder pain. Click here to contact me and make an appointment today!

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