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Working as a massage therapist in Walnut Creek, I get calls asking me how I work or what style of massage do I practice.

As you read this page, I'll tell you about the kinds of results that my clients have received from regular bodywork and what to expect of me as your massage therapist.

Also, I'll give a sense of my guiding beliefs, my approach to massage and how I differ from other massage therapist in Walnut Creek.

Expected Results . . .

When you work with me, you should expect results . . .period.

Remember Dave and Judy from the who I work with page?  Well, the both came in with shoulder issues and expected results . . .pain free range of motion.

Or . . .

Maureen and Stephanie, both who came in with chronic knee pain, again, pain free range of motion was the expected outcome.

Now here's a bonus . . .

When Judy came in, she never told about her chronic tension headaches, because her shoulder hurt so much.

Well guess what?  She came in one day and said: 

Derrick, I never told you about my headaches, but since I've been coming in to see you, I've only had one headache in the past year.

Wasn't even trying and bam, results!

Values . . .

Here at Bodyworks Plus, your satisfaction is the number one priority.

Your time is very important to me.  That's why I do my very best to start and finish your session on time.

Results.  After a few sessions (usually 3-6), we'll know if my style of massage is getting you the results you want.  I will not string you along or offer you sessions just because.

Communication is vital between us.  Is the pressure too strong?  Do I need to use more lotion?  What do you like or dislike during a massage session?  Important info that will help me to help you get the results you desire.

A balanced body is a strong body.  Are hip flexors tight? Could cause you gluten to be weak.  Pecs tight?  Could pull your shoulders forward, stretching your rhomboids, making them weak.

Massage-Therapist-Walnut-Creek | My Approach . . .

My approach to massage therapy is simple . . .Loosen up what's tight, strengthen what is weak and that every joint should have full range of motion, or pretty darn close to it.

Your body should be in alignment, should be balanced.  Whatever you can do on the right, you should be able to do on the left.

That's a balanced body.

My Uniqueness . . .

What makes me different the two massage therapist down the street or the therapist working at Massage Envy?

With 14 years of working as a physical therapist assistant,  I bring a level of professionalism and working knowledge of the body to every massage therapy session.

After many sessions, clients have stated that they've had many massages, but none like the one they had with me.

I think just working with people in a side-lying position sets me apart.

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