Simple Neck Exercises For Your Stiff Neck

Neck exercises are vital, especially if you suffer with chronic neck pain. When done correctly, they can increase mobility and help strengthen your cervical spine.

In the cervical spinal column, our goal is to improve movement in:

  • Flexion (bending your head forward)
  • Extension (bending your head back - looking at the ceiling)
  • Lateral Flexion (bring your ear towards your shoulder)
  • Rotation (turning your head from side to side)

Tip: Make sure you breathe while doing these neck stretches. It's crucial, as this will definitely help you to loosen your tight neck muscles.

Neck Exercises

So lets start with Cervical Flexion (tucking your chin to your chest) and also Cervical Extension (looking up to the ceiling).

1. Begin by performing a chin tuck. Now, gently bring your head foward and try to touch your chin to the chest. Still holding that chin tuck, lightly bend your head backwards as far as it will go. Repeat this 10 times.

2. Lateral Flexion. Start with a chin tuck and bring your ear towards your right shoulder as far as you can. Do not spin or turn your head when you are doing this neck stretch. Bring your head to the center and repeat to the left shoulder. Repeat this 10 times.

Rotation. Tuck your chin and turn your head to the right as far as you can, attempting to bring your chin over your shoulders. When you are doing this exercise, do hunch up your shoulders. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds. Repeat on the left side. Repeat 10 times.

For the last part of the neck exercises, stand with you feet shoulder width apart and set your hands behind your head. Flex from side to side, making certain to flex only with your upper back and not with your waistline or hips.

Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, clasp your hands behind your back, and pull downward toward the floor. Take a deep breath in, stand on your toes and look at the ceiling, while pulling down with your hands. Hold this posture for 3-5 seconds, then exhale little by little. Take it easy and repeat 5 times.

Keep in mind that
neck stretches need to be peformed in a slow-moving and easy fashion.

Remember: This home neck exercise program should be a risk-free do at home program, but please stop doing the exercises if at anytime your feel neck pain increases.

Please consult with your doctor, if your neck persists.

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