A Stiff Neck - Just What Is That Crick in Your Neck?

Question: You have a stiff neck, so what's causing it? I mean, simply just what is a Crick in the Neck?

Let's face it, who hasn't woken up in the early morning with excruciating discomfort in their neck, perhaps after a prolonged evening of no sleep?

The real question is, should we be concerned?

Solution: For starters, a "crick in the neck" is not a formal medical term, and as a result, the term has a different meaning to a selection of individuals.

For lots of us, a "crick in the neck" simply means waking up with a stiff neck and discomfort directly after a night time of uncomfortable pillowing or body positioning.

Most doctors believe that about 75% of "cricks in the neck" are due to muscle spasms. Some other reasons mentioned were:

Myofascial pain syndrome and/or trigger points
Cervical radiculopathy

Two Different Views on 'Cricks in the Neck'

The one point that is certain when it pertains to getting clarity about your stiff neck, is that health experts from assorted specialities (as well as non-professionals) do not see eye to on what it is.

For example, Daniel Riddle, PT, PhD a Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, states that, most of time, a crick in your neck, may be connected to complications in your facet joints.

Yet, Dr Santhos Thomas, physiatrist and medical director at the Westlake Spine Club at the Cleveland Clinic, explains "the only technique to truly consider if the 'crick in your neck' is literally due to facet joint issue, is to administer a diagnostic shot into the area, to confirm or dismiss the facet joint as the origination of the irritation.”

Dr.Thomas says that in general, "cricks in the necks", particularly in younger clients, are normally muscle spasms.

Riddle likewise states that muscle spasms are commonly existing in instances of crick in the neck, however that they could be a result of a problem in the facet joint.

With older clients, Dr.Thomas states that they tend to describe the issue as a creak in the neck, and it is typically due to arthritis, and not muscle spasms. Also, he cites, a decrease in range of motion could also cause neck pain.

Exactly What Should You Do for the Crick in Your Neck?

If you wake up with a stiff neck, and you haven't suffered any major neck trauma in the past, there are a quantity of at home treatments you could well look into.

These can be: the usage of ice or hot packs, massage, as well as over-the counter pain medicines.

It is vital to go easy on the spot in the initial few days to stay clear of making it more serious.

If the pain proceeds for longer than a week, or it disturbs exactly how you're operating throughout the day, it is advised that you have it checked into by your doctor.

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